Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tales from the Longbox

Well, it's almost Christmas time, and you know what that means: crappy holiday comics! In this case, a Star Trek: The Next Generation Christmas comic I got back in the late '80's! Bad dialogue, bad skinny ties, fake Christmas cheer! I sent it into the good people at, and they made a li'l article about it! Check out the link:

And my good friend Riot Kitty wrote a mind-blowingly nice article on her blog about me! Check it out, homeslices:

Thanks, RK!!! Miss you too! :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Holy Crap! Mike Saw Avatar!!

Okay, so I'm back. Lot of skool stuff, family stuff, etc. Didja miss me?

Ahem. So, I saw Avatar. Holy Crap. I literally couldn't tell the difference between computer-generated special effects and live action. I also now know why the TV show Bones was all over this flick, too: one of the special guest star Jeffersonian Interns was in it! I have no idea what is name is, I only know him as the Matrix-lovin' game designer from the stoner flick Grandma's Boy.

So the movie stars Sam Worthington as a parapalegic ex-Marine Jake Sully. Good actor, but I don't see why he's the "NEXT BIG THING." The dude's in everything coming up, but he can't control his Australian accent. Anyways, there's this planet Pandora that's populated by these tall, skinny blue aliens called the Na'vi. Avatars are these remote-controlled alien bodies, controlled by mere humans, in order to interact with the Na'vi, teach them and negotiate. The humans are there--with both military and scientific factions--to learn about the alien species but to mine the planet for its precious and expensive ore. There's a whole Dances with Wolves thing going on, communing with nature, going native and becoming part of the Na'vi tribe. I could have done without the first hour, but it was necessary to set up Jake's part. The Na'vi are supposed to be the Native Americans (or any other indiginous race displaced by another race), right down to the fact the Na'vi call themselves "The People," something I know the Apache do as well. It also has Sigourney Weaver in it (smoking! Which is one of the reasons the movie is PG-13--a little ridiculous if you ask me) as the chief scientist and fellow Avatar controller. How did she manage to get such big--uh..Stamford University shirts?

Then, there's the battle!! The miltary, headed by some sadistic Colonel, wants to violently displace the Na'vi and take over their land to mine. The Na'vi are connected to the entire planet, biochemically, emotionally and spiritually. Since James Cameron didn't have too much Colonial Marine action in Aliens (one of my favorite flicks), he went all out on the military hardware. Giant ships, helicopter-like ships, and even Mecha-style wearable battle tanks. Awesome. This movie provided one of the most emotionally-charged scenes in a movie I've seen in a while. You can feel the terror and sadness coming off the Na'vi, just a powerful scene.

Then, like I said, there's the battle. Sully quickly goes Native with the Na'vi and starts fighting the military. It's like as if King Phillip's War went the way it was supposed to--the Indians gather together en masse and fight the white man. Giant dragon-like birds, dinosaur-sized animals, and Mecha Robots that have humans inside--a human analogue to the Avatars. A good movie, powerful, emotional and action-packed.

Couple other things going on. Almost done with skool. Here's another blog I did for one of my classes: I got an A on the blog but a B+ for the class in general.

I also entered a Lost contest at JOpinionated, but didn't win the huge deluxe Lost DVD set. Oh well.... I did get a cool button though. Here's the contest, and my entry's in there: Here's the rest of the entries, including the incredible winner: I'm still planning on doing more Lost pictures, so stay tuned.

Also, a top 50 Star Wars list, since it's one of my many pop culture obsessions!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lost Episodes 2.13: The Long Con and 5.08: LaFleur

James "Sawyer" Ford is the man. He has a nickname for everybody and a laid back attitude. We learn that a con artist named Sawyer (later revealed to be Locke's father) conned James Ford's mother and father when the future Sawyer was just a boy. This then led to Mr. Ford killing his wife and then himself. A young James Ford saw the whole thing. He dedicated his life to finding and killing Sawyer, but ended up becoming a con artist himself and adopting the name Sawyer.

In "The Long Con," Sawyer pulls off the best con on the island, gaining control of all the weapons and medicine. He states, "there's a new sheriff in town."

Only 3 seasons later (and technically, 30 years earlier), Sawyer finds himself on a Dharma-controlled Island and adopts the alias James LaFleur. He becomes Head of Security. A position, ironically, that has a sheriff's star as its logo. Sawyer, as LaFleur, becomes the man he was meant to become.

Episode 2.13 The Long Con

Episode 5.08 LaFleur

Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm It Apparently

So, I was tagged By Riot Kitty, and was told to do this! Unfortunately, I don't know another 6 people!! Feel free to rock the tag if you're so inclined.

Where is your cell phone? kitchen

Your hair? uncombed

Your mother? sick

Your father? departed

Your favorite food? pasta

Your dream last night? weird

Your favorite drink? dew

Your dream/goal? job

What room are you in? office

Your hobby? collecting

Your Fear? heights

Where do you want to be in 6 years? happy

Where were you last night? party

Something that you aren’t? sleeping

Muffins? please

Wish list item? money

Where did you grow up? Connecticut

Last thing you did? bathroom

What are you wearing? pants

Your TV? on

Your pets? none

Friends? close

Your life? okay

Your mood? okay

Missing someone? yes

Vehicle? baby

Something you’re not wearing? mukluks

Your favorite store? work

Your favorite color? blue

When was the last time you laughed? earlier

Last time you cried? kid

Your best friend? yeah

One place that I go to over and over? work

One person who emails me regularly? RK

Favorite place to eat? bell

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lost Episode 3.22: Through the Looking Glass

The final episode for Season 3 ended with a bang. Charlie Pace learned he was going to die from a prophetic Desmond a few episodes before this one. As a result, he is now at peace with that. He volunteers to go to the mysterious underwater Looking Glass Station and turn off the device that is jamming all communications from the Island. See, there's this freighter off shore, but our survivors can't communicate with them because of the Others. Desmond and everybody else thinks that it's Desmond's girlfriend's Penny's boat (get all that?), but it's not. Charlie finds that out at the last possible moment, before barricading himself in the communications room before it explodes, rushing water inside the Station. He writes that on his hand, telling Desmond before he drowns.

And yes, that's my hand. It's a popular thing to do on Flickr if you're a Lost fan. I wanted to do it too for this project.

Charlie dies. But the most recent episode had a possible way out of this. Did everything get rewound? A recent clip from ABC showed Dominic "Charlie" Monaghan playing foosball with cheeseballs from Desperate Housewives and other drivel. But at the end, he says that he died, but is back again. And the 2009 Comic-Con (which I would have loved to go to), he came on stage with a message on his hand: "Am I still alive?" Monaghan is also on the new show FlashForward.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Noticed at the Noble, Part the First

So, notice any similarities betwixt the two photos? The first is some vampire compilation at the back of the store. The second one, however, is a classic--The Lost Boys. Vampires in the '80's, one of my favorite movies.

I got tons of these, so watch out for mo'!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Why So Serious?

Just me messing around, procrastinating from doing homework...

Oh, have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

District 9 and Gamers

Saw District 9 about a week ago and it blew my frickin' mind!! On the surface, this flick just appears to be an allegory on apartheid in South Africa. Now, all I really know about South Africa is from a Nelson Mandela TV biography I saw in high school and Lethal Weapon 2 (y'know, South Afri-ka and Diplomatic Immunity--you know you're saying it in the same gutteral accent as that dude in the movie). At first, it looks like a documentary, interspliced with "regular" movie footage. Essentially, the movie is about this giant spaceship that got stranded above Johannesburg, South Africa about 20 years ago. The aliens aboard, called Prawns, are basically worker bees with no real intelligence (well, the majority of them are these brutal scavengers) and are addicted to catfood (they also like to wear bits and pieces of human clothing, like bras). They have these giant weapons that only they're only able to fire--which becomes a focal point. The end of the movie has a great battle with a Robotech-like mech battle suit. The main actor in the movie first appears to be a bumbling idiot but the first-time actor who plays him does an awesome job and you believe he's really in this intense situation. After a while, you forget about the apartheid allegory (which really only appears in the beginning) and just enjoy the flick. The aliens look soooo real, you forget they're fake. The first thing I said when I left the movie was that the humans (both black and white South Africans) treated these aliens with such utter inhumanity it was incredible--and that's pretty damn deep.

Also saw Gamers. Starring Leonidas from 300 and Dexter from Dexter. Not a movie you have to think too much about, just something you can kick back and relax with. Ain't Shakespeare, here, people. So Dexter is this evil marketing/computer genius (are there any other kind?) who invents this computer game. Only it's with real people playing the game characters. The first he invents is called "Society." It's this real-life "Sims" game with crazily-dressed people doing crap they would never do in real life. Except real people in front of their computer screens are playing real people in an semi-controlled environment. One great cameo is by Heroes' Milo Ventimigila (Peter Petrelli)--he plays the aptly named "Rick Rape." But don't worry, this crazed nutjob gets his. The second game Dexter created is called "SLAYERS." Great name for a game, by the way. Once again, real people play real people. It's really Doom, Half-Life, name your first person shooter game. Characters actually die. The star of the game is Kable, who's actually an ex-soldier turned convict named Tillman. He has won 28 games of Slayers; 30 and he goes free. But of course, the powers that be, namely Dexter, won't let that happen. In the trailers, you think Kable's "player," a punk computer geek named Simon, would play a larger role, but he doesn't. You really have to see it for yourself to understand completely, but it almost makes me feel guilty for fragging some dude in Half-Life. Another great cameo: Juliet and Sean Spencer from the great show Psych.

Oh, and also saw The Spirit on DVD. Another relatively weak creation that looks like 300 or Sin City. Makes sense, since the creator of those two comics and movies is Frank Miller, the director of The Spirit. Kinda weird flick, trying too hard to be noir-ish, while still having the internet and Blackberries. Similar to my feelings about Watchmen creator Alan Moore, I think Frank Miller's kind of a dick and people give him way too much credit. I don't believe in his dark and violent world view. The movie pretty much tried too hard to catch people up on all the Spirit lore, and I wasn't that into it....

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Can Anybody Find Me....

So this was so cool and weird and bizarre, I had to post it...
50 years of Batman comics and Queen? A perfect combo!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Stuff

Hello--so things have been crazy around D-Land, but never fear, things are still on track.

Saw some flicks I want to share. Hopefully, I'll be seeing District 9 tomorrow.

Push: Not a half-bad flick, not as horrific as I thought it would be. It's about super-humans who can do all sorts of psychic stuff. Note to movie makers: please stop naming your precogs (people who can see into the future) Cassandra. I get it already! Sniffers, Watchers, all sorts of nifty nicknames for these guys, with a big, all mighty secret organization running the whole show. I get the feeling the studio didn't have too much faith in this movie--it didn't do all that well at the box-office I believe, and now they're pairing it up with some Nick Cage crapfest, not bothering to advertise it on its own merits on DVD. The ending ran almost like a TV show, to be continued next week. Chris Pine, who was great as the Human Torch in The Fantastic Four movie (with my future wife, Jessica Alba) stars in it. The plot line runs all over the place, but wasn't too bad.

Tropic Thunder: This is supposed to be Ben Stiller's main, big-time movie. He just plays the same character he always plays: The dumb-ass egomaniac who somehow makes it through. Derek Zoolander or the gym owner from Dodgeball could have been subsitituted for this character. The flick is about a bunch of spoiled actors working on a Vietnam-era action movie are dumped in the middle of the jungle, up against real bad guys. Some parts had me laughing out loud. Robert Downey jr. continues his acting comeback with a hilarious character who's "a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude." I'm not sure if I want to drink Alpa Chino's (sound it out) energy drink, "Booty Sweat," but that's pretty funny. Tom Cruise was also in this movie, as a movie exec. I almost didn't recognize him because he's in heavy prosthetics, but he completely steps out of his Tom Cruise role and becomes a completely different person--swearing, immoral, dancing.

...I honestly can't remember the other movies I saw recently. Guess they weren't that memorable (even if it was a few weeks ago). Still haven't seen GI Joe, very scared of the accelerator suits. Maybe on video. Maybe.

What's up with the new Halloween 2 movie? Why is Michael Myers 10 feet tall? I hate this "torture porn" shit everybody's coming out with: Hostel, Last House on the Left, take your pick.

Go read Vacation Assassination by Sarah Vowell. It's so good. As my boss put it, it's like reading American History as written by the Daily Show writers. Right now, I'm reading one of my favorite Star Wars authors, Karen Traviss: Order 66. It's about some ARC, Special Ops Troopers and Mandalorians. Too bad she said she's only writing one more of these Republic Commando books--it's a damn shame. They really invigorated my love of Star Wars books.

Oh, I plan to create more Lost pics, hopefully people are looking at them and enjoying them--pass it around!!! What' do you think of them? Let me know!

Also, I want to post some more Buffy Season 8 stuff, as there is a new trade paperback coming out. We might find out the secret identity of Twilight. No, not the annoying and sparkily book franchise that girls at my store (customers, not employees) are crazy about--he's like a 200 year old creepy pasty sparkling vampire dude who's stalking a 15 year old idiot girl!!! Does nobody else see this. Besides, Angel and Buffy did it first and (hopefully) it wasn't as creepy....

Friday, July 31, 2009

Lost Episode 3.15 Left Behind

One of my favorite Kate-centric episodes, it deals with Kate meeting Sawyer's ex-girlfriend/con victim Cassidy. We found out that Kate Austin was wanted in the pilot episode and who she killed (her father/stepfather). From her mugshot, I created this Wanted poster.

But, did the explosion at the Hatch really change history? The "America's Most Wanted" clip at this year's Comic-Con shows that Kate's still wanted and that she killed her father's plumbing apprentice in their office, not her father. But we saw her blow up his house with him inside! Crazy!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Episode 2.19 S.O.S.

See, in this episode, Bernard and Rose go visit a mystic healer named Isaac of Uluru. They want to have Rose's cancer cured (which actually happens on the island), and this guy supposedly can do that.

On Heroes, a prophetic painter named Isaac paints a comic book cover (above) with a rock-like monster named Uluru.

Get it?

Also, the new Lost ARG has begun at While I'm not much for Alternative Reality Games, I did read Bad Twin (from a few years back) and really like this logo.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Saw a bunch of new movies I've never seen before, courtesy of Blockbuster (so I'm not on Netflicks yet, okay?). Also saw a trailer for Megan Fox's new movie where she gets to look hot while eating high school boys. Megan Fox looks like she's in high school like....Dick Cheney does. 21 Jumpstreet this ain't. The movie itself looks incredibly stupid with some funny lines. It's just a trailer to show how hot the studio execs thinks she is. Still very apprehensive about the GI Joe movie coming out. Accelerator suits? We'll have to see. Haven't seen the new Transformers either. I usually don't pay attention to the movie reviewers (I think Ebert got bought by the studios decades ago), but NOBODY seems to enjoy this flick. I may wait until video until one of my friends wants to see it....

Fanboys: I've been waiting to see this flick for a while. As a die-hard Star Wars fan, I've heard about this movie being made for the past several years. Four friends (later joined by the adorable Kristin Bell) and Star Wars geeks make a journey to the Skywalker Ranch to see a rough cut of Episode 1 in 1998. They did it so their friend with terminal cancer can see this movie before he dies.The cancer storyline was almost cut out of the movie, which would have just made these guys a bunch of felons. A fun movie, with a lot of SW references.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno: I'm a big Kevin Smith fan, but I never got a chance to see this flick in theatres, I believe it was when I was incredibly ill. 2 roommates are broke and decide to make a porno in order to pay the bills. Now, I've never seen a Katie Morgan porno before, but she's actually a decent actress. Former porn star-turned good legitimate acctress Traci Lords is also in it. So is Jason Mewes, Jay from Jay and Silent Bob. I saw Kevin Smith live a few months back and he described a scene where Mewes is buck, full-frontal naked in the movie. It lives up to his description and is hilarious. The scene where lifelong friends Zack and Miri (Seth Rogan and Elizabeth Banks) finally have sex in their porn flick is probably one of the best, emotional scenes Smith has ever filmed. Many laugh out loud moments about Porn. Hilarious.

Punisher War Zone: I still prefer the first one with Thomas Jane (not Dolph Lundgren), but this was a decent enough flick. Hyper violent, over the top. It does seem like it was written by longtime violence expert and Punisher comic scribe Garth Ennis. The acting by the two sociopaths, Jigsaw and his brother Loony Bin Jim (a great frickin' name for a villain) was really out there and they fed off each other's insanity. The guy who played the Punisher really looked like he stepped out of a Tim Bradshaw painting.

Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans: Wow, what a piece of something this was. Completely unnnecesary and really didn't add to the previous mythology. I'm still trying to figure out if I liked it or not, or if it was even good....

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lost Episode 1.07 The Moth

Charlie Pace has a one-hit wonder band with delusions of grandeur. In the 7th Episode of the First Season, Charlie has a flashback to when his band, Driveshaft, was on top of the world---their hit "You All Everybody" made them bloody rock gods. This is a picture I made to commemorate that time and episode. Created on my iPod, shot by me.

Episode 1.07 The Moth

Here is their song, covered by some Brazilian band. It's pretty good, and the lyrics get stuck in your head.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This is...AMERICA!!!

Fourth of July is just a few days away, but I recently found this online. One of the best shows on AdultSwim is, of course, Robot Chicken!!!


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oh Baby Can't You See

...I want to be a dead celebrity!!

Okay, so I just made that one up. Not a real song, but you can try to search for it on YouTube or something. Apparently, in addition to David Carradine, Ed McMahon, Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett, now celebrity pitchman Billy Mays is dead!!

Jesus Christ, this ain't a good month to be a minor/C-List celebrity. These guys always die in threes, so now that's 5!

Seriously though, this is awful. I loved that guy! Probably cared more about that than Michael Jackson's death. Yes, he was a great and influential artist. Thriller was the first tape I ever asked my Mom for. Let's face it though, MJ was a bit of a freak and possible child molester. Haven't really even thought of the guy. RIP, King O' Pop. Europeans really loved you. They like cried over your really big statue back in the day.

And RIP Billy Mays. I want to buy some OxyClean.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Live Long and Prosper (or Something)

You can spin the dreidel with Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock--both Jewish!! (Just a little Adam Sandler for ya!)

So, after pretty much everybody I know going to see the new Star Trek movie, I finally gave in and went to see it myself. Damn good action movie. Most enjoyable. Was it the best movie of the summer so far? Probably not, but was up there.

Now, let me say: I have never been a HUGE Star Trek fan. Yes, I liked The Next Generation in high school and college, and even followed DS9 and Voyager for a short time. I think I even wrote "Star Trek" in my high school yearbook, but that was only because I needed something else to say, or those "inspirational" words you put under your picture wouldn't have looked complete. I'm crazy that way. The only other Star Trek movie I saw in the theater was the one with the Borg. So, I other words--I know enough to get by....

Like I said, damn good action movie. Kid Kirk, as he is called, played by the last surviving psycho brother from Smokin' Aces, is admirably played. A bit of juvenile delinquent (even so far as dumping a "vintage" car off a mountain--you can't really call it vintage if you have a 22nd Century phone-and-sound-system in it). He even bangs a green chick. I can't see how he got into Starfleet with a record--it is a military institution after all. He had some good comic relief scenes too. He got choked every five scenes--how is he still alive? What I liked was that Kirk and Spock weren't friends yet--they wouldn't be.

Ain't no joke/I got a head full of logic and a nose full of coke!

Spock was awesomely played by Zack Quinto, or Sylar as I like to call him. He played the character with surprising emotion. He's the only vulcan that can make "Live Long and Prosper" sound like the equivalent of "fuck you" to the Vulcan High Council. Wyonna Ryder is his mom! He's also (spoiler alert) having a relationship with---Uhura!! Who I believe is his student at the Academy--kinda the future way of banging your professor in college. Having future Spock--Leonard Nimoy--come in tied the whole thing together.
Anyway, Bones is a divorced, bitter doctor. Pretty much used every McCoy-ism in Star Trek history, but done tongue-in-cheek. Scotty was on the nose, too. Just a little more updated. His little buddy was hilarious, sitting on stuff (you'd have to see the flick to figure what I mean by this). The only characters I didn't think were used well were the Romulan villans. Their backstory was hurried through. What did they do for 25 years? Time travel, Star Trek style is ALWAYS confusing.

All the action scenes were awesome, really made you gasp and use the end of your seat waiting to find out what happened. The best space battle scenes since Star Wars. Great fighting. Sulu with an extendable fencing rapier was clever. A really good summer action movie, this could be another Star Trek franchise. It technically takes place in another reality, so anything's possible. I recommend it, even if you haven't seen the other flicks.

I have sudden urge for White Castle.

Come vith me if you vant to live.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Odds 'N Ends, Mofo!

So, I decided just to post some shit I've been thinking about, or doing, whatevah...

  • Been listening to Green Day's new album, 21st Century Breakdown. I'm not digging it as much as American Idiot (one of my all-time favorites) but I'm only half-way through. Little too soft in some spots, but a little more hard-rockin' by the "Second Act."

  • Reading Guillermo Del Toro's new hardcover trilogy The Strain. It's about a vampire attack in the NYC. Really good read, keeps you going. These vampire's don't sparkle...

  • David Carradine, Kwai-Chang Caine, died this week. Apparently it's from auto-erotic asphyxiation. As they said about Mulder on the X-Files, that ain't a dignified way to go out--especially at 72. During college, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues was my favorite show. Loved it. He'll be missed.

  • This was posted on Flickr a while back, I just happened to find it. Arnold Rimmer (from the great British show Red Dwarf, was a hammond organ music fan. Somebody apparently found an album at a flea market or something.

  • I'm really enjoying Buffy Season 8. It's not a TV show anymore, but a comic book. Since I don't really read comics anymore, I have to wait for the graphic novels. They rock. Recently had a conversation at work with my fellow geeks, and we all agree that Spike is a bad-ass.

  • I'm also looking forward to the new Umbrella Academy TPB. It's called Dallas, written by the guy who sings for My Chemical Romance. Cool cover. By the way, the little boy holding the rifle isn't a little boy, he's a time-traveling 60-something year old trapped in that body.

  • Finally, when I was back up at school for some classes, I found a brochure for a frat event that had a cartoon Sgt. Slaughter!! I also answered a trivia question about Bell Biv Devoe. Beat that!

  • I also have finally decided to see the new Star Trek, so I'll have something on that soon...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

You Shall Fail...

Holy Crap!! This is awesome....

Star Wars: The Old Republic video game!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'll Be Back!

Well, saw Terminator Salvation and thought it was awesome!! One of the best action films this pre-Summer salvo of movies. Director McG did a damn good job stepping into James Cameron's shoes, and pulled off a good flick. This movie takes place in 2018, a full 11 years before the future events in the first two flicks. That's fodder for more movies...

Many homages to the first three Terminator movies. John Conner (played by a non-yelling-at-a-lighting-director Christian Bale) has the polaroid picture of his mom and her tapes (the picture had Linda Hamilton, but it wasn't her voice). There was Kate Conner, played by Ron Howard's daughter--very pregnant in the movie. Not something you though of--that John had a family. She only recently appeared in the lesser third movie. When I re-watched Terminator 2 the other day, there was a red-head in the mall that pointed out John to the T-1000. Could that have been young Kate? On a cool note, the red-head girl was played by Nikki Cox, from Las Vegas, before she became legal and hot (later marrying Jay Mohr). In order to lure a terminator motorcycle, John played Guns N Roses "You Could Be Mine." He and his be-mulleted friend played this same song while dirtbiking through LA Flood Tunnels in the second flick. Also, the scar Old John Conner had in the beginning of T2 was identical to the one he received towards the end of this flick. Everything Reese explained in the first movie to Sarah was pretty much in this movie--well done.

It would have been cool to see a "Big Jeff" statue floating around. Here's a link. Just a stupid fanboy thing...

A young Kyle Reese also made appeared in the flick--not played by Michael Biehn, but by the russian guy from the new Star Trek. Why did Skynet want him dead so soon? He's on a most-wanted list (Reese is #1, Conner #2). There's no way it would have known he was the father of John Connor--it doesn't know that info. Time-travel's not possible quite yet in that future. John's a legitimate military target--he's on the radio, a soldier in the resistance, a prophesied messiah, but Kyle Reese is like 18 and on his own in the ruins of Los Angeles. Conner's not even the main leader yet. I can see him becoming the battle-weary supersoldier he's destined to become--he's got time and a good fighter with Conner. Another main character is Marcus Wright, a death-row inmate from the early 2000's who suddenly wakes up in an apocalyptic future. He does a damn good job, but two problems: 1, his australian accent keeps popping up, and 2. you knew everything about him (that he's a machine) from the trailers. Not a big surprise. Moon Bloodgood plays a really hot pilot that hooks up with Marcus. I think she's wearing war paint at one point in the flick.

Oh, and COMPUTER-GENERATED ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER!!!! It's not the current Governator, but his young, body-building killing machine from the classic Terminator. Probably the best computer-generated face and body I've seen. The Rock from the Mummy Returns was pretty awful, this was awesome and you really believed it was young Arnold. A great job on that, a real highlight.

All in all, a great action movie that I enjoyed the crap out of. Oh, and I haven't posted my Lost info from the season finale--that's coming soon!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


What Would Han Do?

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Now, I'm a huge X-Men fan. Have been ever since I read comics when I was a kid. My friend and I would have discussions on who would play Wolverine in the inevitable X-Men movie. Hugh Jackman probably didn't make it to that list.
The first X-Men movie was great. Hugh Jackman took that role and did it perfectly, made it his. The second movie, X2 was damn near perfect. The third one was okay, not as good as the previous two but still watchable. Whew--lot of sequels this summer!
Everybody I've talked to about this flick have all had different opinions. One hard-core fan hated every aspect of it because it didn't go with the comic Wolverine's origins. To me, something like that is fine. It still captured the essence of the character without making him a ridiculous farce.
The majority of the Wolverine movie takes place in the months leading up to Wednesday, March 28, 1979. I know this is the date of the last 20 or so minutes of the movie because it's the mutants who are responsible for the "Incident at Three Mile Island (thanks, Wikipedia)." Damn muties. There's a lot to this movie. Wade Wilson (Deadpool) makes an appearance early in the movie, played by Ryan Reynolds. His remarks about bring a sword into combat mirrors his remarks in Blade Trinity almost exactly. His further appearance at the end was stupid and took away all you initially loved about the character. But, you know, I'm going to devote another blog post to him at another date.
Moving on. This is a good action movie, but the plot moves around awfully quickly in the beginning. At one point, it reminded me of a nameless Steven Seagal action movie. The kid playing Jimmy at the beginning of the flick (which was fairly accurate to the Origins comic) was kinda cheesey. He reminded of that Todd kid in Supernatural. The guy playing Victor/Sabretooth was good--slowly becoming more feral as the years go by. It makes his appearance (albeit by a different actor with a lot more makeup) in the first X-Men make more sense, as well as his connection with Wolverine. The guy playing Gambit was okay, but the card tricks were a little over the top. Why fight one dude when he's fighting the other dude you hate in a life or death duel--and he's winning! Stryker actually choreographing what the Adamantium bullet will do to Wolverine--give him memory loss--was really pointless. There were some Heroes overtones. Stryker even tells Victor to "bag him and tag him." That scene also reminded me of "one of them, one of us" mentality of the Company. Patrick Stewart making a cameo at the end was pretty good, but his face was so CGI'd to remove his wrinkles, it looked awful.
All in all, I liked Wolverine. Yeah, it had it's faults, but had good action scenes and showed what Wolverine used to be in the context of the X-Men movies. The scenes with his fellow Weapon X mutants were pretty cool, and showed an almost special forces aspect to them. Also, I'm such a fan that I would have probably liked it anyways. I heard they already approved a sequel--the Wolverine Samurai years, and Deadpool will probably have a movie too.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sunny Days.....

Nuff Said, True Believers.....

Thursday, April 30, 2009

(3)5 Years Gone

Hello! I'm back! Sorry, had skool stuff to take care of....

So, Lost had it's 100th Episode!! This picture is from Hurley's blog (okay, Jorge Garcia actually: It's from the great show Ace of Cakes--one of the few reality shows I watch.
It wasn't as stellar as the episodes before it, but it was still really good.
  • Daniel Faraday is revealed as Charles Widmore's son!! That makes him Penny's half-sister and Desmond's brotha-in-law! There's a lot of half-siblings out there in Lost! Jack and Claire, specifically. Unfortunately, Daniel was killed (by his own frickin' mother) before anybody but his parents learned of this. Also, Jack was already back on the mainland and Claire somewhere on the island when he learned of their heritage as well.
  • Where is the information Daniel puts in his journal coming from? Did his exposure to radiation cause his advanced memory loss?
  • Where was he for 3 years in Michigan in the '70's? Why didn't his memory loss continue? What was he doing? Working for Dharma?
  • Why was he so sad when the found the fake wreckage of Oceanic 815? And we now know that Widmore is responsible for that...
  • So, Daniel's plan is to blow up the future Swan station with Jughead, the nuclear bomb from the 50's? And that was his younger mother in the past? No wonder she looked familiar.
  • Dan's mom is one cold bitch. She knew he was going to die by her hands in the '70's, so she sent him back anyways? She stopped his piano playing and was awful to his girl (who he would later put in a time-travel-induced coma anyways). Why can't she see what's going to happen anymore? How did she know what would happen? Like with Desmond or maybe even the monk from the abbey?
  • Daniel's always been a bit "twitchy (to quote a nickname-making Sawyer)" and was kinda annoying to me--Jeff Goldblum wants his stuttering intellectual back. Your destiny is crap.

By the way, stay tuned for a Lost project I'm probably going to do this summer: I saw a Flickr page where this one fan posts her own pictures of the recent Lost episodes. They're just one picture, but they encapsulate what the episode is all about. I think it's a neat idea and may try it out...


Now Heroes had its season finale. It was good and had a lot of surprise moments! They keep on firing key people, like Greg Beeman and expect the show to carry on like nothing's happened! Well, what I wanted to say was that the next season (and even the last couple of episodes) are like "Five Years Gone," the apocalyptic future episode from the awesome first season!


  • Not as all-powerful as he was in the original episode
  • Distrusts his brother
  • Was labeled a terrorist because of his powers
  • Didn't hook up with Nikki, but her cloned sister Tracy (although temporarily and not like they were in "5 Year Gone")
  • No scar, but another future version of him did


  • Sylar killed him in the future, and did so at the end of this episode
  • Took his place through shape-shifting ability
  • Although, in this case, Sylar doesn't know he's Sylar, he thinks he's Nathan
  • Future Sylar did say that Nathan already started to hurt his own kind before he killed him--which is true in this case
  • You can't trust him


  • Sylar did take her power and is now invulnerable/possibly immortal
  • Just wanted to live a normal life but couldn't
  • Brunette in yet another possible future, and pretty hard-core (what with the leather and no feeling pain)


  • Became President in "5 Years" by impersonating Nathan Petrelli
  • Killed Nathan but didn't take his power--can still use telekenesis to "fly"
  • Almost became President by shaking the hands of Michael "Mr. Worf" Dorn
  • Shape-shifter
  • Invulnerable/possibly immortal from Claire
  • Fought Peter in a big battle
  • Thought he was Peter and Nathan's brother
  • I doubt he'll be Gabriel again (like another possible future) with a baby son (who's the mom though?)


  • Again, labeled a terrorist
  • Causes him physical pain when he uses his powers--not as all-powerful like in "5 Years"
  • Lost without Ando--although this time it's because Ando has powers and Hiro doesn't

Matt Parkman

  • Has a son Matt Parkman Jr, like the picture in the future stated
  • Possibly estranged from wife


  • Kicked out of house by his wife
  • Still helping fugitive heroes


  • Asked by powerful people to committ genocide against the heroes
  • Still sides with the heroes
  • Now has stable powers of his own

Thanks for reading, see ya soon!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Action is his reward....

Look out, here comes the Spider-man!

Just a little something RK got for me on "our" last trip to the NYC!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Lost clue?

I was looking at a picture of the new Dharma Station "The Lamp Post" in the new Lost magazine the other day when I saw the picture of the map on the floor.

It's a new map! Everything there is all 1970's era Dharma equipment, but the map doesn't have the Soviet Union, etc, on it. What up with that?

Top 5

Well, I'm not feeling very well but still have to go to class later on, so I'd thought I'd post this. It's something I've been working on for a while.

I was talking to somebody at work a few weeks ago about a meme she received about the top 25 albums/songs that influenced her. I really couldn't decide. I was always more influenced by books, TV or movies than by music (that came later on). In case you're wondering, my first 2 would be Joan Jett and the Blackhearts' "I Love Rock 'N Roll" and Bryan Adams' "Summer of '69." The first rock song I ever heard (my mom was a John Denver fan) was Joan Jett, and it was on the back of the bus going to grammar school. The "cool" kids had a boom box in the back of the bus, and played it over and over again. I had that sucker memorized, and I sang it so much, my Mom did too. The second was "Summer of '69." This was the first tape I remember listening too again and again. It was my shower song. I still know all the words like my name was Bryan Adams.

Anyhoo, I don't think I have enough juice to start my own meme, so feel free to join in. Let me know so I can check it out....

My Top 5 current favorite CD's that you can listen to all the way through:

1. Green Day American Idiot
Listen to Dookie, then this one. The amount of maturity is incredible. It's a whole storyline.

2. Nirvana Nevermind
Supposedly the greatest songwriter of my generation, I think it's a great album regardless of that fact. Classic punk rock encased in flannel.

3. Evanesence The Open Door
Yeah, I'll take shit for this one, but it's a great gothic album. Much less "I hate myself and want to die" feeling from their first album--which is still great but a little depressing at times. Amy Lee's voice is incredible, operatic.

4. Beastie Boys License to Ill
Great rhymes, one of the first commercially successful rap albums that's actually good. Classic old school.

5. Metallica Kill 'Em All
The first Metallica album I bought after a summer of hearing "Motorbreath" and "Seek and Destroy" along with their Black album.

My Top 5 current favorite books (and/or series):

1. Kevin Smith My Boring Ass Life
Boring? Hell no! It's incredibly addicting and makes you want to start a blog.

2. Stephen King The Stand
A post-apocalyptic thriller that's really long but you really want to find out what's happening.

3. Alex Ross Marvels/Kingdom Come
Two graphic novels by the best painter in comics today. They're bookends--one tells the beginning of the Super Hero universe, the other tells the end. Two different comics company, great writing and artwork.

4. Karin Traviss Star Wars Republic Commando Series
Mandalorians and Commandos. I'm a huge Star Wars fan, and these are my favorite books yet.

5. Jim Butcher Dresden Files Series
The covers state its like "Buffy meeting Phillip Marlowe." A lot of humor, fantasy, magic all rolled into one. I'll read these until Butcher can't write anymore.

What do you think?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

What Lies in The Shadow of the Statue?

Another awesome Lost. These episodes are getting so good, that I can't wait for the next episode to see if they outdid themselves. I'm gonna have a frickin' heart attack....

Dharma Initiative:

  • Are they still around?

  • Did they engineer the pallet drop of Dharma product food?

  • Who recruited Clancy "Kurgan" Brown's character to the hatch? It's obviously many years after the Purge. Radzinsky (who we met in Dharma) was already in the hatch when he came around--and later killed himself.

  • Is Illeana and the new castaways part of Dharma? She asked a similar question (what lies in the shadow of the statue?) than Desmond's "What did one snowman say to the other?" (answer: "smells like carrots"). I mean, who extradites someone to Guam? Why are they acting weird?

  • What's in the giant metal case they can't seem to open? Where did it come from?

Other stuff:

  • What's in Hurley's guitar case?

  • What made him come back to the island? Was it Ghost Charlie?

  • Where's Claire?

  • What's up with the hieroglyphics in Smokey's cave? He's been referred to as a Cerebus-like creature (which is Greek mythology--the 3-headed guard dog to Hades) but now there's a lot of Egyptian stuff going on--including a glyph of what looks like Anubis summoning Smokey.

  • What's the statue? Is it Anubis?

HEROES: Now I know that their writers don't have the same level of control the Lost guys have over their show, but I wish they did. They seem to fire writers like crazy and Tim Kring apologizes like a 2-year old after writing on the wall. Next week's episode is a flashback to the 1960's. Hopefully we'll find out more about the Company. How cool would it have been to see the Original Heroes (Hiro's dad, Nathan and Peter's dad, Linderman and Shaft) fighting bad guys side-by-side util somebody like Angela Petrelli had her dreams about New York getting nuked by an exploding man? I made this and thought I'd post it:

Friday, April 10, 2009

4 Fast 4 Furious

So, I saw the new Fast & Furious movie a few nights ago. And I enjoyed the crap out of it. But more on that in a little bit.
So the first F & F movie came out about 7 or 8 years ago. It followed the same formula as Point Break (another awesome movie of Keanu-like 'Woah' porportions). There is an extreme crime. Usually involving stealing. They're doing crime here! Hot, young untested cop goes undercover with a group of hot, young outlaws of a new extreme sport. Take your pick--surfing or street racing. Cop is there to learn from these good people and find out who the bad guys. He picks out potential bad guys. He falls for the girl--usually involved with the leader of the pack. FBI/cops/whatever goes after potential bad guys and finds out they're bad guys, but just not the right bad guys. Cop has an epiphany that the dudes he's been hanging with-become friends and learning how to do extreme sports stuff--are the real bad guys. The bad guys find out and usually perform an uncharacteristic, sloppily-executed "one last heist." Cop lets bad guy go because bad guy isn't really that bad, but is his friend. The end.
It's true--go watch the first F & F, then Point Break.
The had a second movie. That was pretty good, didn't follow any particular formula, except now Paul Walker is an outlaw ex-cop on the run for letting Vin Diesel go in the first movie. They couldn't get Vin Diesel to appear, I think he was making The Pacifier or some piece of Disney shit. The third movie takes place in Tokyo with drifting (which is huge in Japan, but nobody over in these shores are really that into it, unless you're Hulk Hogan's son). Vin Diesel shows up for the last 3 seconds--he probably needed a lining for his pool. No other original cast.
Now, onto the 4th F &F. It's just a good, Summer blockbuster flick. Nothing you have to actually think about. I love the cars in this movie, they included some real American muscle cars. The car scenes are intense and fast-paced. Some real Keiser Soze moments. The characters have moved beyond common street racing, the car scenes get bigger with every movie. The scene at the end when they're going through the secret tunnel at the US/Mexico border is super intense. I liked how they harkened back to their friendship in the first movie with similar lines, but Paul Walker's character never said he became a fugitive and DEA scapegoat for a while. Probably not something you bring up over Chinese food.
They brought back most of the original cast, except now Michelle Rodriguez is out of jail for drunk driving and wanted to flex her Lost muscles. So she's got top billing, even though she's only in the movie for the first 15-20 minutes, then killed in a flashback (sorry--spoiler). How did Paul Walker's character go from being a disgraced cop who let his mark go to fugitive street racer, to free man, to a FBI agent? Do they let anybody in the FBI? He said they recruited him, so okay. It seems they also wanted to show how strong Vin Diesel is. He's lifting engine blocks and dangling guys out of windows, and he gets shot but only gets annoyed. Vince from the original movie probably spent some time in a hospital ward and then got 20+ years in prison for his crimes.
And, of course, they set it up for a 5th movie.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

MMMMM.....Taco Bell

MMMM....Taco Bell.
Best episode of Lost yet. Kate getting in touch with Cassidy and leaving Aaron with Claire's mom. Everything is proceeding as I have seen it....

Thursday, April 2, 2009

6 Things

I got tagged by RK today..."Six random funny things about other people."

The rules:

1. You must post six random funny things about other people.

2. Then tag six other bloggers.

3. Link to the person who tagged you.

4. They must be FUNNY! Make us laugh! I don't care if we really shouldn't be laughing...that will earn you extra points.

I really don't know 6 other bloggers, but I'll do my best on everything else! It's tougher than it sounds!

1. Two cute, giggling girls came up to a co-worker several years ago and wanted to know where " the sex books" were. He went to show them and promptly tripped over something on the floor.

2. My cousin, when younger: one Christmas, he got nothing but clothes. This gave us the immortal, crying quote of "don't they know that little kids want toys for Christmas?"

3. Little old lady called up my old call center and got a friend of mine. She wanted to know about the Pay-Per-View movie on her bill. My friend brought up her account and saw nothing but porn on her PPV. The old lady wanted the one "Harry Potter" PPV taken off her account--she never ordered that.

4. While in Washington DC, a co-worker had to locate stuff for a sweat shop exhibit, including some kind of Disney apparel. He then had to call somebody, pretending to be a collector, in order to get said Disney crap.

5. "Naked chicks...on the wall!" Overheard by co-worker when customer bought a SI Swimsuit Issue for her older son while her younger son (the originator of said quote) looked on.

6. "Look, I'll do 5 years at Riker's just to prove my point." From the Chappelle Show. I literally can't think of anything else. Probably after I get off the computer and eat my dinner, I'll think of some more...

Came home from work last night and watched the last 20 minutes of "Life on Mars." I'll never get those 20 minutes back. The show got cancelled, so they turned their last show into a ridiculous farce about the characters actually being on Mars. SO fucking stupid....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's Rex Manning Day!!!

Damn the Man!!! Save the Empire!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Dharma Macaroni and Cheese

Mmmm.....Dharma Macaroni and Cheese.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Lost Theories

I'll start off by saying thank you to everybody who visited this site and wished me a Happy Birthday!! Thanks!!! By the way, Riot Kitty sent me a birthday card that started off as "Happy Birthday Grampa" with a little puppy on the cover.... wise-ass, but you gotta love that. :)

So, onto Lost.

  • On the podcast, Darlton mentioned the name of the season finale in May is "The Incident." This "Incident" has been referred to many times in the Dharma orientation videos and by the Dharma Initiative people we've met.
  • The Others knew the Ajira flight was coming down on the other island. Notice the runway they landed on? It's probably the same place Kate and Sawyer "helped" to clear off when they were captured by the Others.
  • Is Daniel a time traveler? He's missing from our core group (Sawyer, Juliet, etc). He knows a lot about the DI from his notebook and cried when the faked footage of Oceanic 815 was on the TV. He also seems more put together this season than last season. Did he experiment time-travel on himself? Maybe he too was born on the island, since his mother knows about the island and is some kind of course-correcting "time cop."
  • Juliet. It was mentioned in one of her episodes that Ben's into her because she "looks like her." This could refer to Annie, his childhood friend, or maybe young Ben developed a crush on the DI's resident baby deliverer/mechanic? Ben wants Juliet to be his (he even told her this after he showed her Goodwin's body) because he met Juliet in the past. She reminds him of...her.
  • Sayid probably thinks it's his mission to kill creepy young Ben in the past.
  • Creepy Young Ben: Is he working with the Others yet?
  • Jack, now a Work-man with the Dharma Initiative--which is probably Sawyer's doing b/c he doesn't like Jack, despite the man going through years of training to be a freakin' spinal surgeon. Will he be working with Roger "Work-man" Linus, Ben's father?
  • What time period is Sun and Frank in? New Otherton looks like it was in a warzone--is this after the mercenaries blew it up? There were still DI paraphenelia everywhere and DI pictures on the rec room wall--they weren't there before.
  • Where's Claire? Is she dead--has she been dead since the merc attack on New Otherton. She left her baby and went off with her dead estranged father. Will her and Jack meet up, and he'll tell her they're siblings--and that her mom's alive?
  • Where's Aaron? In a Claire episode, the fake/real psychic said Aaron couldn't be raised by anybody but her, but there's Kate raising him as her own. Is he with Claire's mom?
  • What did Sawyer ask Kate to do before he jumped off the helicopter last season? Was it to look after his daughter and ex-girlfriend(whom Kate coincidentally met while on the run)?
  • Is Ben and Locke related? Both their mothers were named Emily and were born prematurely, both had really bad relationships with their fathers and had hands in killing them. Both were in wheelchairs with spinal injuries and have special relationship with the island.
  • Geronimo Jackson now has a song on Itunes, and can be heard when Jin drives his new Dharma hippy van to the lake and when the Oceanic 3 pose for DI pictures.
  • Finally, what's the deal with Widmore? Who's the real bad guy?

Wow, that's a lot....I'll probably think of a lot more after I post this...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Go Shawty It's My Birfday....


Happy Birthday to me!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Get Yer Irish Up

Happy St. Patrick's Day everybody!!!!!!!! Enjoy the Irish-related imagery above!
On an unrelated, non-St. Patty's Day note, Lost just released the Geronimo Jackson single, "Dharma Lady." It's a hippy-dippy thrillride. And it's now on my Ipod. I'll do another Lost-related post after Wednesday. It's almost my birfday!

Monday, March 16, 2009

All Bloody Hail

Hey Guys--
That pic above isn't me, it's Brian Lynch, the writer of this fine piece of graphic novel literature! I picked this up a few days ago. Spike After The Fall tells the story of what happened to Spike before Angel After the Fall. It takes place after the last episode of the Angel TV series. Essentially, evil law firm Wolfram and Hart sends Los Angeles to Hell. Demon lords rule L.A. (or Hell-LA in this case). It's written by Lynch and awesomely illustrated by Franco Urru. A new big bad is introduced (and later killed. Spoiler, sorry.). A little more of new cool vampire Gunn's plans are revealed, and how Spike hooked up with Spider and Conner. It tells the story of how Spike and Illyria become Lords of Beverly Hills (in the Playboy mansion, after dispensing with a vampire Hugh Hefner) with Spike's killer harem. Great storyline and cool art. You can actually hear Spike when Lynch is writing him, with as many pop culture references as possible. Hilarious dream sequence, too. I also love the piece at the end when Lynch explains a couple of references found in the book (I think he does this in every book he does).
This isn't the only Spike-related graphic novel Lynch and Urru worked on. There's also Spike: Shadow Puppets. Yeah, that's right---starring Puppet Spike:
Oh, and remember Ookla the Mok?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

Who Watches The Watchmen?

from Jim Lee's Blog


So, I saw Watchmen the other night. A LOT to digest. If comic fans are expecting to be blown away by the movie, they won't. Nothing can live up to their expectations. Hell, several people in the theater I was in left early. However, after digesting said flick, I kinda liked it.

Yeah, it was pretty good. It didn't "grab" you like a Dark Knight or 300. It starts off with an extended Comedian fight scene that wasn't in the graphic novel. Snyder was damn faithful to the book, with a few exceptions, but even that was okay with me. A lot of little things were left out like secondary storylines. But that's fine too--they could really only work in the comics anyhow. The beginning also had this cool montage of how the world would have been different if there were superheroes in it. I really liked Comedian being the "Lone Gunman" on the Grassy Knoll.
Billy Crudup as Dr. Manhattan was damn creepy, with his computer-generated junk hanging down, but at least that was kept to a minimum. I think he was in Sleepers. Malin Ackerman was gorgeous as the second Silk Spectre and certainly not as ugly or idiotic as her comic counterpart. The father from Supernatural was the Comedian. It wasn't a career-changing part, but he was good. There were also actors in ridiculously heavy prosthetics playing famous '70's and '80's characters--like Richard Nixon (but we couldn't keep our eyes off his ridiculous nose). And what kind of crazy accent did Ozymandias have?

The fight scenes can be damn brutal (especially Comedian vs Silk Spectre I) but well choreographed. Cinematography was incredible, really excellent. Snyder put in his political commentary as usual (including a shot of the World Trade Center that never got knocked down, even after Armageddon).

So, Watchmen wasn't the greatest movie I've ever seen, but it wasn't the worst. It takes a while for everything to catch up. I liked it, it was pretty good....

Saturday, March 7, 2009


So, I was tagged by Riot Kitty the other day.

List 8 things that you know about on your chosen subject.

I racked my brain and really couldn't think of anything. But, I'm giving it a try and not too seriously. It's my first real meme after all, and I'll improve in time, dammit!

The Top 8 Rules for Movies

1. Horror Movies: Yeah, this was in Scream, but I'm putting a different twist. If you drink, do drugs or have sex, you're dead. A dude in a hockey mask or ugly-ass Christmas Sweater will fillet you dead. No Sex In Bunk Beds, teenage camp counselors.

2. Superhero Movies: Like a Disney movie, there is tragedy. Somebody close to you will die. Ever hear of a happy superhero? No, you haven't! Spider-Man: Uncle Ben. Batman: parents. This list goes on.

3. If you're in a cop movie, don't pair up with the officer who's on the first day on the job, or on the last day. Disaster and death ensues.

4. If you see a traditionally comedic actor with a beard, they're in a serious movie. Ashton Kutcher in The Butterfly Effect or Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting. 90% of the time, this is true (an exception is Billy Crystal, who usually has a beard anyways).

5. If a movie has Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in it, and the movie is horrible, you will think The Rock is decent in it. For example: "Man, Doom was a shitty movie, but you know, The Rock was pretty good in it."

6. LL Cool J will either play a chef or a cop (SWAT or Deep Blue Sea).

7. There will always be a little kid to make things harder for our hero (es). See Aliens or Volcano. Stoopid kidz.

8. 9 times out of 10, if there is a famous singer in the flick, their damn song will be in the soundtrack.

Whatcha think?

Seeing Watchmen tonight, so I'll have a review of that, thought of a cool meme, and a review of the tradepaperback Spike: After The Fall.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dollhouse, etc

Okay, I know the above picture is for the comic version of Buffy Season 8, but it still has Eliza Dushku (Faith/Echo) in it, so it still counts!

So, Joss Whedon has created a new series called Dollhouse. It's been in the works for a ridiculously long time, and I think they filmed some episodes over to make the studios happy. It's about these people called "Actives." Essentially, they're people who's minds have been erased and new personalities and abilities are put in there instead, to meet the needs of a client. It's a big corporation who runs the whole deal, and they have many Actives. Our main character is Echo (all the Actives have military alphabet designations). However, she's not like the other Actives--she may have something going on here. The main villain is a former Active named Alpha.

Alpha (who I think is being played by the guy who played Wash on Joss Whedon's previous cult show, Firefly) has somehow retained all the personalities and abilities. This makes him extremely dangerous, but probably extremely insane. This is one of the cooler ideas Joss has had....

I've watched the first couple of episodes aired, and I like it. It definitely has that Joss Whedon vibe to it...Hopefully it doesn't get cancelled.

Oh, and best headline ever (thanks RK): "Jonas Brothers concert film lacks dimension."

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lost and Heroes

So, two of my favorite shows are Lost and Heroes. Great shows, great concepts, awesome acting and plotlines. I have some theories behind the most recent plotlines and thought I'd share them....
By the way, the above graphic is mine, created by yours truly? Like it?


  • The storyline is moving towards the "5 Years Gone" future from the first season.
  • HRG was kicked out of the house, as mentioned in the diner to Future Claire
  • Nathan has done harm to his own people, per Sylar.
  • Is Luke Sylar's brother? Will Sylar gain Luke's powers due to his new empathy powers (not having to kill his victims to gain their powers, like he did with Elle)?
  • If Peter meets both Sylar and Ando, will he gain his own powers back?
  • Is the future Hiro saw with Ando killing him still take place? Pinehurst no longer exists. Will Ando use his super charging powers as an offensive weapon?


  • I think that was Hurley saying the numbers the French team heard from the radio. Hurley becomes the inspiration for his own numbers. It was Hurley that Leonard heard while in the Navy--and because of this, he goes insane. Yeah!
  • Adam and Eve from the caves (the first season) are either Jack and Kate or Sawyer and Kate.
  • The group has gone to the beginning of the Dharma Initiative. Their destiny is to stop the Others (and Ben) from massacring the Dharma Initiative.
  • What role does Libby play? Why was she in the asylum with Hurley?
  • Who the hell is Geronimo Jackson?
  • Is choosing the leader for the Others like choosing a Dali Llama? Watch the ceremony Richard performs with a young Locke. It's the same thing for choosing the next incarnation of the Dali Lama.
  • 2 "Others" questions: is Richard immortal, maybe from the Black Rock slave ship? Where's young Ben's girlfriend? What role does she play?
  • Holy shit, Ben killed Locke!!!

More later! Bye!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Respect My Authoritay!

The South Park kids, by Scottie Young....

The first post


Well, I've decided to once again blog for the whole world to see (or at least, just you. God, what are you doing, being the only person reading this? Good Lord, Man!!! Buy a dog!).

Keep an eye out for more stuff!